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Studying the guitar at STES is a wonderful way to help foster in a child, the joy of learning. The satisfaction that each child experiences when they successfully take on a challenge and reach their goals is one of the many reasons this program is so valuable.

Here at STES, we prefer to start all pre-school aged children in our early music education classes to give them a good musical foundation before they move on to an instrument. Once they have this foundation, which includes listening to the music they will first learn to play on the guitar, they are prepared to move on to the instrument. Children who begin in our infant or pre-school music programs can start playing the guitar as early as 4 years old. Children who have not been in our pre-school music program and are six years and older can begin lessons on the guitar.

As with all instruments taught using the Suzuki philosophy, students learn to play the Twinkle variations and folk songs. This is the beginning of their musical journey. Because they will learn the first pieces by ear, the children can focus on their technique and tone. Daily listening to the recording is necessary so that the child can internalize the music. Once the basic technique is established, music reading is introduced on the instrument. This parallels the process children experience when they learn to read and write. Each student is allowed to progress at their own pace and emphasis is placed on mastering each step before moving to the next. Review of previously learned music is necessary as it allows the student to gain ability and develop skill in polishing their music.



One of the core principles in the Suzuki method is the participation of one parent during the lessons. This parent becomes the 'Home Teacher'. The home teacher is responsible for:

  • Taking notes
  • Encouraging and motivating the student
  • Providing the proper environment for successful practice at home
  • Learning the beginning steps on the instrument
  • Commitment to learning about the Suzuki philosophy

One does not need a musical background to be the home teacher. All that is required is the desire to provide your child with the support and encouragement to succeed. If the parent is interested, they are welcome to study the instrument along with their child. A basic introduction to the instrument will be provided to each home teacher.



Beginning students start with a thirty minute lesson. The school offers forty five and sixty minute lessons for more advanced students. The first lessons are for the parent so that they may learn the beginning steps and be able to help their child when they begin lessons.



Guitar students receive one private lesson per week and they participate in a bi-weekly group class with other guitar students. This class provides each child with the opportunity to

  • Perform for their peers
  • Re-enforce skills through games and activities
  • Learn in a supportive and encouraging environment

Suzuki often stressed the importance of group class as a way to motivate and create desire in each child to do their best. These classes are included in the price of the tuition.



We invite you to come and observe our lessons and classes. This will give you the opportunity to see how we teach and answer any questions you may have about the school. Contact us from our contact page and request to schedule an observation time. Please tell us which instrument you are interested in and an appropriate observation will be scheduled for you.

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